Danish Way of Raising Kids + Toys That Support It:

When it comes to raising our children, we tend to go in the direction of the Danish way. I’m sure by now many of you have heard something or other about Danish parenting and the notion of allowing kids just to play. A large focus of ours is using imagination, focusing on creativity, less screen-time and working on social and cognitive skills.

When it comes to choosing items to carry at Starship for Littles, we have a guideline that each product must meet. We want the brand and products we carry to support the Danish way of raising kids as well as way of life. We always ask ourselves, does this product support using your imagination? Is the design simple, clean and modern? Is the product durable and tough enough to be played with over and over? Is this something that can be passed down through each child? 

One of our top-rated, most loved products in the shop right now is the Snuffy playseat by Dutch design studio, Mr. Maria. Snuffy is the best friend of Miffy the bunny, in the ever popular Dutch stories. Snuffy meets all of our requirements in the aspect of imaginative play, modern and clean design, durability and that it’s timeless and can be passed down from child to child. When we first introduced Snuffy into our home, both of my children were in a complete state of excitement and wonder. Snuffy went from being the pretend puppy to a horse to ride on to a friend to cuddle up with under a blanket and was showered with lots of kisses from both kids. As of yet, this is the first toy that we have that both my 2 year old and 7 month old could interact with together at the same time. As a mom, that is joy in of itself! Anything that can hold the excitement of both my kids as well as them play together at such a young age is a toy to be treasured.

Throughout the year we will be introducing new toys and homewares that align with using your imagination and creativity. In the meantime, Snuffy along with all other Mr Maria products are 10% off through Sunday 1/24 with code “miffylove”.