French beauty brand Nailmatic Kids //

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When we went to Playtime NYC last August, we stumbled upon this really cool booth that had a vending machine for kids nail polish. The nail polish was dispensed in these little white boxes with neon peach writing. So cute! After talking with the sales team at Nailmatic and hearing more about this French based company, we were smitten and knew we needed to carry the line.
Nailmatic kids is completely non-toxic, water based, washes off with warm water and comes in cute packaging- perfect for gift giving! Plus the lipgloss and bath bombs smell divine and are absolutely for adults too! (I currently have a black currant lip gloss in my purse!) All of our collections are tested out by our kids first and if they give the seal of approval, we move forward with offering the line at Starship for Littles. Our three year old daughter tested out the nail polish and absolutely loved it. She was able to apply the nail polish herself and I wasn't worried about her getting it on furniture or clothing as it's completely washable. This allowed her the freedom to explore how to use nail polish as well as using fine motor skills and strengthen dexterity.
We hope that you love this line as much as we do!