Gardner and the Gang SS17:

Organic childrenswear label Gardner and the Gang launches at Starship for Littles February 9th at 3am CST! This collection is bold, playful and ultra soft! Below is a sneak peek of our top picks as well as the story from this collection.


gardner and the gang ss17 usa stockist


The story around the collection as told by designer Kristin Nystrom:

Imagine a forest where all children’s imagination was gathered in a wonderful secret story. A story of good fairies, of hope, of fun and hours and hours of play.

Dorothy the very, very cool Dinosaur that is a basketball freak lives in this forest. She has a secret. For a few years now Helmut the helmet dressed Flamingo has been living with her. He got a bit tired of flying around too much and needed a rest. He found the forest a very peaceful place and at the same time loads of fun. Dorothy and Helmut have a secret garden where they grow organic veggies and the most wonderful tropical fruits.

Their friends in this forest are a unicorn that never shows his face, (You can only see traces of him ) lots and lots of good fairies. And last but not least, Betsy the lipstick loving Badger.

Imagine a forest like that, a place to get lost in your greatest imaginations and dream away. The forest from long ago and for the future.

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