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Mermaid Cats! // Pre-spring Mini Rodini

We are loving the new pre-spring Mini Rodini collection! The prints are so fun and vibrant! You can shop our top picks here!

The mermaid cats pieces are produced in a factory that is part of Mini Rodini’s living wage project. Instead of paying the workers just the minimum, which is almost impossible to live on, they pay a wage that is high enough to maintain a normal standard of living. The pieces are made of Tencel® which are manufactured in a unique closed loop system where the chemicals are recycled instead of leaked out into nature. Besides being a pioneer in the textile industry, Tencel® is a durable, yet soft, material that feels cool to the touch.  

Lovely photos by our friend @moxieography!

x Heather

mini rodini mermaid cats


mini rodini mermaid cats


mini rodini mermaid cats