DIY Bath Bomb Maker by Nailmatic

  • $ 33.50

With Bath Bomb Maker, you can create 4 bath bombs for kids. They bring colors to their daily routine but also:

- hydration thanks to vitamin E and sweet almond oil
- relaxation thanks to chamomile flowers extracts * coloring the water only, no traces on skin or tub.

Vegan, preservative-free, cruelty free. Dermatologically tested. Lightly scented.

Inside the box: Bath Bomb Maker Beyond easy to use, this super kit contains:

- 4 round molds - 1 pipette - 4 colored bags of sodium bicarbonate - 4 citric acid bags

Sodium bicarbonate and citric acid are biodegradable and non toxic. Sodium bicarbonate has been in the cosmetic spotlight for a while now (because it’s worth it) and its natural fellow citric acid can be found in many veggies such as lemon. All in all a pleasant company for kids’s sensitive skin.

Perfect for kids aged 7 and over. Vegan, preservative-free and incredibly funny.