Kiko x Oli & Carol Ramen Bowl Playset

  • $ 56.00

Introducing Ramen Big Bowl, the COOLEST NEW sensory play food set for little noodle lovers. Mini chefs everywhere will delight in serving up authentic bowls of ultra-realistic chewy play ramen noodles. Heap on the squishy fun toppings of egg, naruto cake, veggies. Finally, pour on tasty broth (aka water) for a complete Japanese ramen experience!

All materials are 100% natural and non-toxic so kiddos can safely “play eat” for a next-level ramen noodle experience!

A thoughtful collaboration between kiko+ and Oli & Carol, the set combines the distinct expertise in wooden & rubber toys from two well-known Japanese and Spanish toy makers. Together they bring an innovative, fun, cultural play food experience for kids to life! 

Rubber noodles x5
Rubber Egg x1
Naruto fish cake x1 
Veggie x1
wooden chopsticks set x1 
wooden bowl x1

Made in Vietnam