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Purity Shampoo 3-8 Years by Enfance Paris

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An extra gentle formula specific to the shampoo of children from 3 to 8 years old that purifies the scalp and shows softness and shine to the hair.

As school and sports activities begin, the need for care and hygiene of the hair increases. The soap-free washing base of the shampoo is composed of natural and delicate surfactants that do not harm the scalp in its daily use. Its delicate smell comes from organic lavender and organic tea tree oils that enrich it while keeping lice at bay. It is the effective complement to anti-lice treatments.

Its translucent liquid formula without texture agent or silicone foams finely and rinses very easily. Enfance Paris shampoos have a much more liquid texture than most shampoos. This difference comes from the total absence of texturizing agent or silicone in our formulas resulting in a very easy rinse. Its pump bottle distributes the right dose for the child's shampoo.
Dermatologically tested. From 3 years old.