The Protective Face Moisturizer 3-12 Years by Enfance Paris

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  • $ 68.00

The Protective Face Cream moisturizes, repairs and protects the skin of the face from 3 years old.

Its unique and precious formula developed by Enfance Paris is based on a perfect cocktail of gentle, natural and demanding antioxidant ingredients that protect the skin from external aggressions such as cold, sun, wind... Its moisturizing and protective action of the face is immediate. The skin is supple, hydrated as soon as it applies thanks to its creamy and non-greasy texture. Without added synthetic fragrance it favors the natural smell of the skin and the botanical ingredients that compose it, and leaves a light floral fragrance on the skin.

The Protective Face Cream deeply nourishes the most parched skin and soothes the sensations of discomfort and tightness. Formulated with the appropriate precious and organic ingredients, its high tolerance and active composition is based on a combination of oily extract of prickly pear, a natural elixir anti-oxidant, protective and repairing, grape fruit floral water, powerful antioxidant, rich in nutrients and minerals, soothing and calming the irritations of the sensitive skin of children, jojoba oil, multi-function vegetable treasure, moisturizing liquid wax softening, antioxidant, which nourishes, rebalances and calms, shea butter, rich in vitamins A, D, E and F, witch moisturizes, nourishes, soothes and promotes the penetration of other active ingredients, barley, one of the most nutritious cereals, emollient, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, moisturizing, and finally cameline, a noble virgin oil, perfect to enrich care formulations for sensitive and atopic skin.

Dermatologically tested on sensitive skin.