Gift Guide Toddlers + Preschoolers:

gift guide toddlers


Gifts for toddlers:

1. Ricerain cushion- perfect for cuddling or decor! 2. Baby Tiger and Baby Kawaii 3. Mini Flip Racer- for ages 9 months to 3 years! 4. Chihuaha babies overall- keep baby toasty in cool weather! 5. Snuffy playseat for open ended play 6. Interactive horse. 7. Strolley push cart / stroller in natural


gifts for preschoolers


Gifts for preschoolers:

1. First Go! Balance bike 2. Holdie House dollhouse 3. Galaxy bath bomb 4. 3 in 1 original bike 5. Luggy in straw- perfect for farmers market trips and carting treasures. 6. Essential play kitchen- the most gorgeous play kitchen we've ever seen!