Noodoll DIY Constellation Light:

Our friends over at Noodoll came out with such a fun DIY constellation light projector that we just had to share! My three year old son and I worked on this project together. It's a good one for little hands that are still learning the basics of cutting with scissors and glueing as well as it's a great tool to start talking about constellations and the stars. 

Below are the instructions from Noodoll:

You will need the four templates printed on white paper (download here), a pair of scissors, a glue stick, some empty toilet paper rolls, a needle, a flash light.

  • Cut out all of the templates with a pair of scissors.
  • Put a piece of cardboard or another soft material under the templates and poke hopes through the white dots using a needle.

  • Glue the magic night template on a roll of toilet paper, make sure it is glued along one edge of the roll.
  • Cut the part of the roll that is sticking out in little strips as show above.

  • Put glue on the inside of the cut strips and glue your paper head onto it as show above.
  • Repeat steps 5-9 with the three other constellation templates.
  • Now you can look through the roll to see the constellation or shine a flash light through it against a wall!

You can view the original post here and shop our Noodoll collection here. I hope you enjoy this fun little project with your little babes!