Interview with Cindy and Joe of Izzy and Ferd:

Today Izzy and Ferd releases it's FW15 collection titled 'Polar Quest' and we have a special interview with the founders and designers, Cindy and Joe. We love the prints in this collection and that every piece is unisex and ultra soft. 
Take it away Cindy and Joe!
What is your inspiration for your current collection?
Our FW15 collection is inspired by the adventures of Polar Explorer Roald Amundsen. The man was a legend. He led the first expeditions to reach the South and North Pole. Where other men perished, he prevailed. On our textiles you’ll see sights that he would have seen on his travels through these treacherous, frozen lands. You’ll see wondrous beasts like the bulbous walrus and elegant eider duck. You’ll experience the starry beauty of arctic flowers. And you’ll see the confident strength of his loyal sled dogs.
How do you brainstorm ideas for new collections?
Our collections are always grounded in a narrative. Brainstorms happen organically – sometimes in the midst of a bedtime story, a conversation, or a recollection of things taught and remembered from our childhood. We have a 3 year old toddler who is going through the “why?” stage of development. Believe it or not, some of our best brainstorms occur while responding to his questions. We hear “why?” at least 10 times a day. There is a lot of brainstorming happening in our household these days!
Describe your typical work day.
There is a lot of moving parts. Typically, we have 3 different collections at various stages of development. We have the current collection at market, a second collection that is in production, and a third collection that is being developed. All of this is happening simultaneously and we’re juggling to make sure things get done and balls don’t drop. We spend the bulk of our day responding to e-mails, handling logistics, balancing the books, researching, hosting design calls, and driving around town to run errands. Pick up fabric here. Drop them off there. Pick up samples here. Mail them off there. You get the picture. It’s crazy, but we love it.
How did you get where you are today as a designer?
Daring to branch off and write our own narrative. We believe life is one grand adventure. We didn’t want to miss out because we were afraid. We were willing to put in the work and keep at it. If this means hauling large bolts into the back of our Prius – so be it.
Any advice for budding designers?
Be fearless. Find good vendors that you trust. Mostly importantly, ask and accept help!
How did you celebrate your first sale?
We reinvested the money back into the business.
Coffee, tea or neither?
Coffee sweetened with condensed milk. 
You can shop the current collection under the 'wear' tab or under 'brands', Izzy and Ferd.