Bugaboo Must Have Cold Weather Accessories:

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Cooler weather is here in the United States and we're preparing our stroller with our Bugaboo accessories to keep our little one nice and toasty. We've compiled a few of our must haves for this change in seasons:

bugaboo cold weather accessories

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1. Merino wool blankets are a must have! This wool is very soft and will keep your babe cozy all year long. Merino wool keeps you cool in the heat and warm in the cold. Three colors in these gorgeous blankets are available- they also make excellent gifts!

2. The Bugaboo high performance footmuff- redesigned this year- is one of our personal favorite Bugaboo accessories for cold weather. This footmuff has an insert that can be zipped out for those not so cold days but when your babe still needs extra protection from the elements. 

3. The Bugaboo Bee baby cocoon works with all bee strollers. This is a cozy bassinet for little babes six months and under.

4. The Bugaboo wool seat liner is a must have and one we use on the daily! Like an extra soft sherpa blanket, this seat liner regulates your babes temperature and keeps them cozy. On the reverse side is a knitted cotton jersey- both sides can be used!

5. The wool mattress cover for bassinets works on all Bugaboo strollers except for the bee. This cover consists of merino wool to regulate your babes temperature and keep them warm.

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